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DIY Pegboard Accessories Hanging Shelf Storage Hooks


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Punch-free kitchen accessories hole board Yi’an home dormitory kitchen bathroom wall shelf wall hanging shelf storage hook
New plastic material ratio: 100% new material
Installation method of perforated board: suitable for a variety of wall intimate details to win: smooth glass, smooth metal, smooth ceramic tile, smooth marble frosted glass, mountain convex mud wall, antique brick wall, etc.
Punch-free surface: can be used for makeup storage, kitchen storage, desktop storage, bedroom storage, bathroom storage, living room storage, flower rack storage, tool storage Classification: storage rack, storage rack, storage rack Specifications: The following items are subject to the actual product , manual measurement will inevitably have errors, but it does not affect the use. thanks
 Note: The drilling-free installation method is recommended to be used on a flat, smooth and load-bearing wall. If the above conditions are not met, it is recommended to use drilling accessories for installation.

Material: Plastic
Size: 30 x 42 cm
Color: Blue, Green, White
Quantity: 1 set


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